Page 4: One Tree Press Copyright.

Page 5: Dedication.

Page 6: Contents.

Page 8: Author’s Note.

Page 11: Foreword.

Page 15: Introduction.

Photograph: AP/Enrique Aracena.

Chapter 1: The Philosopher’s Table.

Chapter 2: Jan Reynolds and Jim Bridwell.

Chapter 3: Frank the blade Morabito.

Chapter 4: Colonel Al Morgan. 

Chapter 5: Brutus makes a splash.

Chapter 6: Val Chilling.

Kissinger congratulates Pinochet on his successful coup when 250,000 Chilean citizens were locked up, and thousands murdered.
Photograph: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Chile.

Chapter 7: Contraband criminals.

Chapter 8: To be or not to be.

Chapter 9: Freewill or otherwise.

Chapter 10: Doubling down.

Chapter 11: Bankrupt.

“The great question of the 1970s is: shall we surrender to our surroundings, or shall we make our peace with nature and begin reparations for the damage we have done to our air, to our land, and to our water?”
President Richard (Pinocchio) Nixon: State of the Union Address – 1970.

(AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)

Chapter 12: Offer accepted.

Chapter 13: Air-lifting the contraband.

Chapter 14: Conspiring for evil.

Chapter 15: The plan unravels.

Chapter 16: Incarcerated.

Omar Torrijos, President of Panama, died in a mysterious plane crash in 1981, attributed to the CIA.
Photograph: © Zimberoff. 

Chapter 17: On Trial.

Chapter 18: Airstream recovered.

Chapter 19: The Howard 500.

Chapter 20: Manuel Noriega.

Chapter 21: Mexico.

Jon Glinsky’s Howard 500. Possibly Jim Bridwell’s photograph.

Chapter 22: Overloaded.

Chapter 23: Extortion.

Chapter 24: John Ewbank.

Chapter 25: John Ehrlichman.

Chapter 26: Back in the air.

John Ehrlichman was President Nixon’s closest advisor, until he was thrown under the bus for organizing the Watergate break-in, and failing on the cover-up.

Chapter 27: Bree Martinez.

Chapter 28: President Nixon.

Chapter 29: Aconcagua.

Chapter 30: Sabotage uncovered.

Chapter 31: Omar Torrijos.

Mt Aconcagua en route to Santiago in Chile, from Panama: a small deviation into Argentina
while delivering M16s to Pinochet’s junta – 1973.

Photograph Elite Exped.

Chapter 32: Exit Morgan.

Chapter 33: Escaping Mexico.

Chapter 34: Safe in the Commune.

Chapter 35: Cashed up.

Chapter 36: Exit the USA.


General Manuel Noriega escorted onto a U.S. Air Force aircraft by agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The former Panamanian leader was tried on drug charges, in the USA. Noriega claimed that he worked directly for the CIA, and was following orders.

Mt Everest – Drukair.

Page 331: Fire in the Wind–ballooning over Everest.

Page 342: The Gates of Eden.

Page 348: Ballooning over Melbourne.

Page 352: Icarus. 

Page 356: Stop 15.

Approaching Everest 1985 – Jan Reynolds Photograph.

Page 359: Cappadocia Bloodletting.

Page 361: Jump – A Skydiving World Record.

Page 365: Flight of the Windhorse.

Page 369: The Sydney Opera House Balloon.

Page 373: Protesting the Vietnam War.

Page 375: Trans-Alpine Balloon Flight.

Mark Fraser Photograph.

Page 379 Appendix 1:    The Salathe on El Capitan.

Page 380 Appendix 2:    Howard 500 specifications.

Page 381 Appendix 3:    Acknowledgements.

Page 383 Appendix 4:    Picture credits.

Jonny Baker Photograph.