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Photograph: Global Ballooning – Melbourne operation.

Everest, Guns & Money Book Reviews:

Mike Balson (producer/director) – ‘Guns and Money’ is a masterpiece! Without doubt the most compelling page-turner I’ve ever read. The book sits somewhere between a Memoir and a Confessional. A fabulous insight into Risk taking, from the vertical face of El Capitan to running drugs for the CIA. 

Alan Close (editor and author) – ‘Bree Martinez needs to appear earlier than she does. I want to write the film script. This is a blockbuster. Let’s talk…’ 

Michael Dillon AM (producer/director) –  ‘In literary terms I think it supplants Wind, Sand and Stars as my most memorable aviation themed book and that is saying something.’

Dr Lesley Garton (doctor and film maker) – ‘Wow! What a helter-skelter roller coaster. I couldn’t stop ‘till I finished.’ 

Dr Bernadette Hince (author and Antarctic explorer) – ‘Loved it, sorry to be so slow saying this. It’ll sell a million. I want to read more.’

Jenny Houghton (fixed-wing instructor and award-winning vintner) – ‘Stop rewriting and hit the publish button. I need some for Christmas presents.’

Dr Glenn Singleman (doctor, filmmaker and extreme adventurer) – ‘I’m stunned and amazed on every page. I’m having trouble believing that this is the same Chris Dewhirst I know…’

John Tann (scientist and eco-warrior) – ‘Very exciting, very clever.’

Glenn Tempest (author, publisher and extreme climber) – ‘I got home from Adelaide on Sunday afternoon and started reading on Monday morning. I only put it down to sleep and eat. I finished it just a few minutes ago. Everest, Guns & Money is breathtakingly good.’ 

Di Websdale-Morrissey (author and editor) – ‘I have started reading and find it compelling. I hope to have it finished by Sunday.’

Dr John Wilson (psychiatrist, author, mentor and eco-warrior) – ‘It will become a classic, a national treasure, an inspiration to rebellious youth. Your book is a weapon of mass instruction.’ 

Photograph: Balloon Man – Melbourne operation.