Mt Everest Gallery

Chris Dewhirst above Everest 1991. Leo Dickinson photograph.

This link will take you to the 60-minute National Geographic documentary about the first hot air balloon flight over Mt Everest, in 1991.

Breeze Adventures.
Looking west to Everest in the distance – from a balloon. Leo Dickinson photograph.
Wherever you look: Chris Dewhirst photograph.
Jan Reynolds Photograph.
J&B smashed and crashed at 12,000 ft on the south-west ridge of Cho Oyo – 1985: Aden Wickes photograph.
Landing a Twin Otter at Lukla (9,400 ft) freighting balloon equipment – 1991.
Leo Dickinson photograph.
George Mallory (without the hat) at Everest base camp in Tibet, on his third attempt at climbing Everest, in 1924, which was a heroic failure. There are some who argue that he made it to the summit, with his climbing partner, Andy Irvine, which is a romantic notion. From what he was wearing at the time, and from the weather that engulfed him and his climbing companion, who also perished on the attempt, and from where they eventually found his body, he unfortunately died trying.
Ed Hillary and Tensing Norgay – 1953, after making the first ascent of Mt Everest.
Tensing Norgay estate
In 1933, two Westland Wallace British biplanes flew over Mt Everest. They were piloted by Clydesdale and McIntyre in an expedition sponsored by Lady Houston.
Stewart Blacker handled the Nepal and India politics (just say yes) and photographed from Clydesdale’s aircraft.
Modified Westland Wallace aircraft.
Jan Reynolds Photograph.
Attempting Everest – 1985. Chris Dewhirst collection: (Notice the map board).
Attempting Everest – 1985: Jan Reynolds Photograph.
Inspecting damaged camera equipment. A collision of yaks: Heather Martin photograph.
Dr Glenn Singleman photograph.
Gokyo Lakes launch site – 1991: Heather Martin photograph.
Everest from a balloon – Leo Dickinson photograph.

Jan Reynolds Photograph – 1985
Phil Kavanagh Photograph – 1985

Carrying the balloon basket to Gokyo Lakes. Chris Dewhirst photograph.

Leo Dickinson photograph.
Dr Glenn Singleman collection.
Chris Dewhirst collection.
Heather Martin Photograph.
Chris Dewhirst and Leo Dickinson in 1983. The front cover picture was taken by Dewhirst, on a training exercise, near Cowra NSW, using a remote button that activated a motor drive on Dickinson’s suspended camera.
Chris Dewhirst collection.
Mike Dillion collection.
Professor Martin Harris – Expedition Meteorology.
UK mountaineering legend, Eric Jones, was the cameraman in the second Star balloon that overflew Everest – 1991: Chris Dewhirst Photograph.
Sir Ed Hillary at Lukla, in 1990, offering priceless advice: Chris Dewhirst photograph.
Chris Dewhirst photograph.
Any landing you walk away from is a good one….